NEON Magazine Issues Apology To Beyonce For Fake Story

NEON Magazine Issues Apology To Beyonce For Fake Story

Published March 19, 2010

NEON Magazine has issued an apology to Beyonce and a slew of other publicaitons for a false story that was published by Ingo Mocek, a freelance writer for the German publication.

In the feature, Mocek revealed details about a marriage contract shared between Beyonce and Jay-Z worth $10 million. Mocek also stated Beyonce had some ill feelings towards white music producers.

Mocek couldn't produce his sources for the information published, resulting in an immediate termination from the publication.

"NEON dissociates itself from the content of the interview with Ms. Knowles," the magazine said in a statement. "NEON subcribes to a high level standard of truthful journalism. Since Ingo Mocek has violated these standards severely, NEON has terminated all relationships with Ingo Mocek with immediate effect."


Written by Nile Ivey, Staff


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