List Of Drugs Found At MJ's Estate Released

List Of Drugs Found At MJ's Estate Released

Published March 29, 2010

According to, a newly released search warrant reveals what drugs were discovered at Michael Jackson’s house at the time of his death.
Among the drugs listed, was a light blue canvas bag that contained vials of propofol that were administered to Jackson before his passing. The vials were put in a plastic bag and then placed in the canvas bag. Paramedics were unaware of the canvas bag or its content when they arrived at Jackson’s residence the day of his death. See the list of drugs below.

- 3 - 10 mg/ml 1% lydocaine vials (2 empty, 1 3/4 full)
- 1 empty bottle propofol 200 mg
- 1 pulse monometer
- 1 empty vial lorazepam 4 mg
- 2 empty vials midazolam 10mg
- 1 empty vial propofol 1g/100ml
- 1 black nylon bag
- 1 dark blue costco bag
- 1 light blue canvas bag
- 1 pill bottle with 13 tablets containing 25 mg ephedrine, 200 mg caffeine, 80 mg aspirin
- 4 vials propofol 200mg/20ml
- 2 vials 5 mg flumazenil
- 1 vial lorazepam
- 1 vial lidocane
- 200mg vials of propofol (1 full, 1 1/4 full)
- 1 empty bag I.V. drip of sodium chloride with syringe
- 1 ziplock baggy containing 18 tubes of Benoquin

In related news, Jackson’s estate has filed legal papers stating that the King of Pop was not domestically tied to anyone at the time of his death. According to TMZ, the documents were filed in a L.A. County Superior Court last Friday (March 26).

Ironically, this week two separate hearings are scheduled for “spousal property” by several women claiming to be Jackson’s widow.

Written by Nile Ivey, Staff


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