Diggy Simmons Says He's More Than a Rich Kid Off a TV Show

Diggy Simmons Says He's More Than a Rich Kid Off a TV Show

Published April 7, 2010

Don't sleep! Rap listeners who have yet to hear Diggy Simmons rap may be in for a surprise when they finally hear the 16-year-old spit.

The heir to Reverend Run's rap throne is more about honing his craft as a lyricist than stunting. You can expect just that when he drops his as-yet-untitled debut in the near future.

"In the spot where I’m at, a lot of people [are] looking at me and now that they know, they think I’m actually skilled at what I do, ‘cause you know of course, rich kid off a TV show, a lot of people don’t think I can rap," Diggy told BET.com. "But now a lot of people are aware, it’s definitely gonna go into detail of maybe what they were thinking of how everything went down."

As previously reported, Simmons recently signed a deal with Atlantic Records. Word is up to five labels were interested in his services. Luckily, he was fortunate enough to receive advice from one of the greatest MCs of all time.

"Prior to signing the deal with the other labels, my dad’s really, I wouldn’t say free with my decisions, but he always wants me to keep in perspective, who’s good and whatnot," Diggy explained. "He’s definitely free in the creative sense of where I wanna go, such as…you know… just what I like. So, I felt like I picked the best people who could see my vision the right way."


Written by Carl Chery, BET.com Staff


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