Strong Stimulants Found In Michael Jackson's Urine

Strong Stimulants Found In Michael Jackson's Urine

Published April 7, 2010

According to TMZ, authorities discovered an unidentified bottle of pills containing strong stimulants next to Jackson's bed the night before he died.

The pills, which possessed 25 mg of ephedrine, 200 mg of caffeine and 80 mg of aspirin, were found in Jackson's urine— giving doctors an explanation as to why Jackson had trouble sleeping the night before.

Ephedrine, a stimulant specifically made for weight loss is no longer allowed in the U.S. because of severe cases of strokes, heart attacks and sometimes leading to death. Doctors are still attempting to figure out if Jackson was administered the pills or if he took them on his own will.

A company that manufactures ephedrine suggests consumption of the drug would've hyped the singer up big time, causing a serious case of insomnia.

Written by Nile Ivey, Staff


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