Jim Jones Talks Twitter Beefs, Says He Means No Harm

Jim Jones Talks Twitter Beefs, Says He Means No Harm

Published April 14, 2010

Jim Jones may be an instigator on Twitter, but he swears it's all in good fun.

Jones and fellow NYC rapper, Fabolous recently engaged in a Twitter scuffle  when Dipset's Capo called him out for duplicating his style in his newly released viral video.

Jones insists that his Twitter rants are nothing but observations and that they're not to be taken too seriously. 

"Twitter's a great platform for people to get things off they chest," Jones told Industry Muscle. "You know me, I'm a little bit of an instigator sometimes, I like to stir confusion sometimes. I hope I don't ruffle nobody's feathers or panties or anything, sh*t like that man. We just having fun out here, man. You heard me? It's all love. It's like Kool Moe Dee and LL Cool J. I'm LL, though."

But while things didn't escalate with him and Fabolous, a situation that was briefly mediated by Diddy, Jimmy warns things can get ugly if line are crossed.

"Shout-outs to Red Cafe, shout-outs to Bad Boy," Jones offered. "Shout-outs to Diddy. I didn't even know he jumped into [my situation with Fabolous]....I don't spar, it ain't no scrimmage. It's a line of scrimmage. Anybody passes it, that's your a**."

Written by Nile Ivey, BET.com Staff


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