The Dream: "I Made RandB Somewhat Cool Again"

The Dream: "I Made RandB Somewhat Cool Again"

Published April 16, 2010

Considering the impact The-Dream's had on music, retiring after three LPs doesn’t sound so bad. The Atlanta native says he's calling it quits after the June release of his third sophomore effort, “Love King.” And if you ask the self-proclaimed "Radio Killa," he's reached a ceiling.

“I’m at my peak as far as what The-Dream the artist is as an R&B artist," Dream told "Yeah, because in some particular type of way I’ve changed the sound or made it...I made R&B somewhat cool again.”

“Of course I didn’t have all to do with it, but I had a lot of influence to do with how R&B songs sound now versus when hip-hop was still just dominating at the end of 2006,” he added. “R&B is being played a lot more. They’re creating stations around R&B, so I would love to say that I had a lot to do with that.”

And while Dream's DNA can be traced on plenty of R&B singles, he plans on teaming up with fellow ATLien Ciara on her next project.

“She’s from Atlanta so I know what Ciara sounded like years ago,” Dream recalled. “I’ve known Ciara since she was 15 before I was cutting records with her, before she had a deal. We were at my apartment probably when she got her first truck eating KFC or something. I’ve known her so there’s a certain amount of pride also that went into trying to get her back where I believe she never left. It's just sometimes when you're trying to grow, you have to make sure you pick the right roads to grow on and she's back on main street now, so we're working it."

But while Def Jam’s recently hired EVP is determined to call it quits, one particular joint project is still the topic of discussion whenever he comes around.

Aside from his work with CiCi, Dream has also shared his interest in recording a full-length LP with Kanye West. Dream revealed his plans to collaborate with Yeezy last year, but said he'd have to step his game up first. There are still no immediate plans for the two to begin work on a CD.

“What happened with me and Kanye was, it was something I was definitely pushing for because I think the world at the end of the day needs us to be about music moreso than about ourselves and that’s what my intention is at all times,” he explained. "I'd rather see someone else be the victor other than just me, which is why I'd rather write songs and win a Grammy with somebody else or with Beyonce rather than just really see myself win one and just have myself to appreciate so I really love to share the rock.“

The-Dream’s third solo opus, “Love King” is scheduled to hit stores early this summer.

Written by Nile Ivey,


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