Solar Accused of Assaulting Guru

Solar Accused of Assaulting Guru

Published April 28, 2010

As the hip-hop world speculates on the nature of Guru and Solar's relationship, things have taken an unexpected turn.

Tasha Denham, the mother of Solar's daughter and a former executive assistant for Guru and Solar's 7 Grand Records, recently revealed to hiphopdx that she's witnessed Solar beat Guru up on several occassions.

Per Denham, Solar constantly belittled Guru in front of others and told Guru, a member of the [Five Percent] Nation of Gods and Earths, that the nation was ashamed of him. Those arguments reportedly escalated into physical altercations at times.

"There was one night we were at Guru's house," Denham told DX. "I was about three months pregnant at the time. Guru kept defending himself. Guru actually stood up and kind of got in Solar's face about it. Next thing I know, Solar punched him in the face. From that point in time, he just started kicking him and hitting him. Guru was fighting back, he wasn't just sitting there being a punk, but at the same time, Guru had severe asthma. He didn't have his inhaler. He started really hyper-ventalating and really having a hard time, and Solar kept beating him."

"Instead of stopping and making sure his partner, friend, 'brother' - as he calls him was okay, Guru was sitting there saying, 'I'm having an asthma attack. I need to go to the hospital. I think I'm gonna have a heart attack,'"Denham continued. "He's bleeding, really shaking. Instead of stopping and calming himself down, [Solar] told me, "We're leaving," and goes and gets in the car and drives me back to the city."

According to Denham's account, Solar was instrumental in Guru isolating himself from friends and family, including former Gang Starr producer, DJ Premier. He apparently went as far as trying to convince Guru that Primo was behind his mugging in Queens.

Click here to read DJ Premier addressing Guru's death, gay rumors and Gang Starr's legacy. Stay tuned as this story develops.

Written by Carl Chery,


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