Usher Says Talent Shows Are Killing Music, Calls Television A Lie

Usher Says Talent Shows Are Killing Music, Calls Television A Lie

Published May 4, 2010

Usher isn't feeling the current state of music and specifically blames TV talent shows for the downward spiral in creativity.

The R&B vet is taking aim at "American Idol," stating that the program is creating overnight superstars and then quietly hanging them out to dry without fully developing and nurturing their talents.

"The true art form of music is being lost because it seems so easy that everyone can do it, and that it can happen overnight," Usher explained. 

The five-time Grammy winner, who just released his sixth solo LP, "Raymond Vs. Raymond," added, "Television is a lie. It can’t happen overnight. The artist who thinks that it can just comes and goes. The reason why great singers cannot exist in this time is maybe because they’re not properly managed, and maybe they don’t understand the full gamut of what being an entertainer is.”  

Ironically, a few weeks ago Usher was asked to mentor some of the "American Idol" contestants as they prepped their performances on the show. Usher also placed some of the blame on the record labels.

"[The labels are] mass-producing these versions of these people," Usher offered. "While it works, because it sells records, it damages the business.”


Written by Nile Ivey, Staff


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