Lil Wayne Expected To Be Released From Prison This November

Lil Wayne Expected To Be Released From Prison This November

Published July 16, 2010

According to documents obtained by MTV News, Lil Wayne is slated to be a free man on November 4, 2010.

The Grammy Award-winning spitter turned himself in on March 8 for a 2007 gun possession charge, for which he struck a plea deal to shorten his sentence from a year to eight months.

Over the past four months, several of Wayne's closest industry cohorts have visited the incarcerated rapper, giving the notion that Weezy is in high spirits and is patiently awaiting his return.

"He kept looking through the window," Drake said of his visit to Wayne's temporary home last month. "He'd look up at the window almost like he's looking right through it. It's frosted, so you can't see out. I was like, 'Why does he keep staring through the window? There's nothing out there.' To him, there's a whole world moving out there that he hasn't seen for so long."

Though Wayne had one minor setback at the Rikers Island facility - getting caught with music contraband (an mp3 player and digital watch) - Mr. Carter's release should still stand at November 4 if the court decides to let that mishap blow over.


Written by Nile Ivey, Staff


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