Kanye West Accused Of Stealing Lyrics

Kanye West Accused Of Stealing Lyrics

Published July 28, 2010

Kanye West is an artist who is well-respected for both his production talent and his lyrics. In fact, he prides himself on growing his writing skills when it comes to music. That's why it comes as a surprise that an unknown producer by the name of Vince P. is accusing West of stealing the lyrics to his hit song, "Stronger."

According to an exclusive interview with Bossip, Vince P. claims that Kanye West stole some of the lyrics for "Stronger" from him. The producer says that he gave one of his songs, also titled "Stronger" to John Monopoly, a Kanye West manager at the time. Says Vince P. of the songs, "They are very similar...I mean, there's a 1 in 200 million chance that we would use the same title and the same quote from a German philosopher....How many hip hop songs are talking about Kate Moss or French fashion designers?....Yeah, it may be a coincidence, but you aren't going to have six or seven coincidences."

Vince P. says he is filing a copyright infringement suit against Kanye West. "Credit is due somewhere....It's no hard feelings. I just want my money....We want the money that we're owed," he says.

Neither Kanye West nor his reps have commented on the matter.

Written by Kim Osorio


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