Nicki Minaj Names Album Title

Nicki Minaj Names Album Title

Published August 5, 2010

The cat's out of the bag. During a live Ustream session with her fans last night (August 3), Nicki Minaj announced that her highly anticipated album will be titled, "Pink Friday." Minaj initially told Ustream users she didn't have much time, but the announcement quickly turned into a nearly 4-hour chat.

"The reason why I'm doing this is because I wanted to announce the name for my album," Minaj said on Ustream. "I didn’t wanna just put it out there. I kinda wanted it to be special with my most special people. You guys had a lot of ideas for what the album should be called, but I bet you can’t guess it."

Nicki then switched gears and began calling dozens of fans who sent their phone numbers. The Femcee phoned fans from places as varied as Ireland, the UK and Jamaica. Finally, roughly three hours and a half into the live stream, Nicki revealed the album's title.

"Since I feel like I have the power to change carry on our great tradition of Black Friday," she offered before pausing briefly."We're going to switch it up this year in honor of the Nicki Minaj album and call that day, Pink Friday, and call my album, 'Pink Friday.'"

Written by <P>By Carl Chery, staff</P>


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