J. Cole Says He Won't Release Another Mixtape Before Album Drops

J. Cole Says He Won't Release Another Mixtape Before Album Drops

Published August 13, 2010

J. Cole's done with mixtapes...at least for now.

Since releasing his critically acclaimed "The Warm Up" mixtape last June, Cole has appeared on Jay-Z's "Blueprint 3," Wale's "Attention Deficit" and more recently Miguel's "All I Want Is You," toured with Hov and performed on various nationwide tours.

One thing the Fayettville, NC MC has yet to do is drop another mixtape. And to let him tell it, it's not likely to happen before he drops his debut tentatively slated to hit stores later this year.

"I'm not sure about a follow-up mixtape and this is my reason why," J told BET.com. "It's because I feel like sometimes you can oversaturate yourself in the game so it's like, I almost feel like I'm trying to prepare myself to deliver like a five-star meal, whatever the highest rating of a meal you can give. I don't even know how to just throw away songs, I don't really do those so if I give you a mixtape it's gonna be better than some people's albums in a sense. I don'' wanna give you the appetizer that's on par with most people's main course. I just wanna give you the main course and then maybe after that you get some dessert."

Cole also spoke about the production on his LP. Though he spent time in the lab with Pharrell, Jim Jonsin and Salaam Remi, he'll be producing the bulk of the project himself with help from Chicago producer No I.D. (Kanye West, Jay-Z).

"Production on my album is majority me and No I.D.," he revealed. "No I.D. was the first producer I got in with other than myself. I've producing my own songs since I was 15. I was lucky enough to get in with him first 'cause his style is closer to my style or what I want my style to be.

"In the process I got to learn a lot as a producer from him," he continued. "He put me onto a lot of tricks of the trade. I just grew as a producer from working with him so that got me even stronger when it came to finishing up the album on my own. I also got in with Pharrell, Jim Jonsin and Salaam Remi. Those are the only guys I got in with for the album, But right now on the album it's looking like me and No I.D."

Written by Carl Chery, BET.com Staff


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