Kanye West Says Nicki Minaj Is the Scariest Rapper Out

Kanye West Says Nicki Minaj Is the Scariest Rapper Out

Published August 13, 2010

Add Kanye West to the list of huge co-signs Nicki Minaj has received in the past year. During an interview on New York's Hot 97 with radio personality Angie Martinez yesterday (August 11), Yeezy revealed that the Queens femcee has the potential to become one of the greatest to ever do it.

"This is gonna be such a big statement and such a big thing to fill, but I think the scariest artist in the game right now is definitely Nicki Minaj," Kanye told Angie. "And I think she has the most potential out of everyone to be the number two rapper of all time, 'cause nobody's gonna be bigger than Eminem."

When asked if Minaj's potential had to do with album sales or lyrics, 'Ye replied, "Everything. Having her own network one day, everything that comes with it. She has the mentality to do it."

West also slipped and confirmed earlier reports that Nicki is scheduled to appear on his upcoming album. Yeezy also mentioned Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Kid Cudi and Drake as other "scary" artists.

'Ye also premiered "See Me Now" featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson and opened up about a variety of topics, including briefly hiding from the spotlight following the Taylor Swift controversy.

"After the MTV thing I moved to Japan for three weeks so I just didn’t have any paparazzi," 'Ye told Angie. "Then I ended up moving to Rome and I was interning at Fendi and really every day going to work, walking to work, getting cappuccinos."

West revealed that he doesn't own a phone anymore. "I have no phone to this day," he offered. "You don’t understand, I have a home phone and I get so bothered when people call my home phone. I be answering and be like, 'what? Email me and I will call you.' When I leave the crib, I be writin' numbers on a sheet of paper, numbers that I might have to call and I’m out."

Yeezy even talked about his former girlfriend Amber Rose. The two became paparazzi and gossip blog fixtures during their union, which led to Rose becoming a star of her own. West acknowledged that he made Rose into a star.

"The person has to have a piece of that in them also," he explained. "They have to be interesting, but throughout my life I've picked stars before too, not particularly that I’m dating, but just finding a person  that you think can be a star and would be interesting to people." When asked if he'd ever do it again, Kanye joked, "No. That was a one-off."

Kanye West's new album, tentatively titled "Dark Twisted Fantasy," is scheduled to drop November 16.



Written by Carl Chery, BET.com Staff


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