New Boyz to Clear Misconception on Second Album

New Boyz to Clear Misconception on Second Album

Published August 25, 2010

There's more to the New Boyz than skinny jeans.

When Ben J and Legacy released "You're a Jerk," a single complete with its own Roger Rabbit-inspired dance, followed by an LP titled, "Skinny Jeans and a Mic," the California duo was quickly dismissed as gimmicky.

"Our [new] album is titled 'Too Cool to Care' pretty much because at first we had a whole lot of criticism...because of the skinny jeans and because of you know, the type of music we was making back then," Legacy told "And on this new album we went pretty far out with it, like left field. We did some crazy stuff. We had rock tracks, we had a bunch of stuff, and we already knew all the negative comments and criticism was about to come, just because it was so different, but the type of people we are, we do what we do regardless. We gonna do something that the whole world is gonna hate, but we gonna do it 'cause we love it so that was always our attitude, so we just went by the motto 'too cool to care' for a long time and then we just decided to name our album 'Too Cool To Care.'” 

"Too Cool to Care" is set to hit stores roughly a year after its predecessor, "Skinny Jeans." Uneasy with the first impression they've made, Ben and Leg plan on taking listeners beneath the surface this go-round.
"The reason why we dropping another album so soon, I honestly don’t think it’s too soon, but I guess if we had a reason for it, it would be because we don’t feel like we left a big enough impact with the first one," Leg explained. "We know we had the whole jerk stuff, we know we had, you know, 'Tie me Down,' that was a smash with Ray J, but we didn’t really show who we really were as artists. And we wanted to get that out there quick because people kept getting the wrong idea about what we really do and how we really rap and all that stuff."

"They kept calling us dancing artists and jerking artists and them Jerk Boyz," he continued. "We trying to brand the New Boyz now."

Written by Carl Chery, Staff


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