Drake Confirms He Wrote "Un-Thinkable" for Nicki Minaj

Drake Confirms He Wrote "Un-Thinkable" for Nicki Minaj

Published October 12, 2010

It's true. Two weeks ago Nicki Minaj revealed to Complex magazine that Drake told her he wrote Alicia Keys' "Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)" with her in mind.

"You know what else he told me he wrote for me?" Nicki told Complex. "The Alicia Keys song 'I'm Ready.' I happen to love the song. I never told anyone that, I hope he won't get mad that I said that."

While Nicki says she didn't take Drizzy's revelation seriously, the rapper recently confirmed that the lyrics were inspired by his label mate.

"It is [about Minaj], I’m not gonna lie," Drake told BET.com. "The concept came from a conversation that we had, or conversations we have. I wrote it based off two things: number one, based off that, and then two, based off Alicia [Keys] and Swizz and their situation and it just seemed fitting. It was like the perfect concept."

Written by Carl Chery, BET,com Staff


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