Soulja Boy Recalls Home Invasion Shootout

Soulja Boy Recalls Home Invasion Shootout

Published October 13, 2010

Soulja Boy has more telling to do. Well over a year after admitting that his Atlanta home was robbed, SB revealed shocking details he ommitted in his original story.

In Vibe Magazine's first ever digital cover story, SB tells Bonsu Thompson the home invasion eventually turned into a shootout with the rapper himself toting a firearm.

“I’m thinking if I shoot this n***a, I can get that gun and shoot all these n****s at the same time,” says Soulja. “So I jumped out, shot at the dude four times and missed. He ducked down and ran.”

“He started yelling, so I shot him like two more times,” he continued. “Then he turned around and started running. So I popped his ass like two more times in the back, and he hit the floor.”

So why wait nearly two years to come clean?

“I really didn’t want nobody to know that I shot somebody,” he says appearing relieved to finally get out his account. “My label [didn't] want that out there [because] when the robbery went down I had fans like 9, 10 years old. But being that I’m 20, I don’t give a fuck no more. Ain’t nobody take shit [from me that night].”

Written by Carl Chery, Staff


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