Obama Recruits Jay-Z for Re-election Campaign

Obama Recruits Jay-Z for Re-election Campaign

Published October 25, 2010

It turns out Jay-Z may actually have "Obama on the text" as suggested on his 2009 hit, "On to the Next One."

President Barack Obama may have two more years left on his term, but word is his administration is seeking Jay-Z's service to help re-boost his youth and minority vote for the 2012 presidential elections.

"I can't believe you've finally heard the chatter about him replacing Larry Summers," Deputy White House Press Secretary William Burton joked to the New York Post. "In all seriousness, keep in mind he was pretty active during the 2008 election, so I don't think it'd surprise anyone that he would be involved again. But it's a little premature."

Sources say Obama strategists feel Hov is the right person to help revive the president's message of hope. During a recent interview with Forbes magazine, Jigga, influential and inspirational in his own right, referred to Obama as sort of a measuring stick.

"I hope to inspire," he told Forbes. "I guess Obama took this thing already, but just the hope of how far we can make it and the hope in knowing how far you can go from where you started if you really apply yourself and stay true to who you are."


Written by Carl Chery, BET.com Staff


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