Shyne Speaks on Promoting Outside U.S.

Shyne Speaks on Promoting Outside U.S.

Published October 25, 2010

Shyne's been a free man for well over a year now. But of the 378 days since his release, the Brooklyn-bred MC got to spend less than a month in his hometown before being deported to his native country, Belize.

Despite his restrictions, Shyne has inked a contract with Def Jam Records. He's also recorded a significant amount of material and appeared on the cover of XXL magazine. Still, promoting a record without being able to set foot on U.S. soil has been challenging.

"Man, I gotta be in New York," Shyne told "That's my home, man. It's hard not being in a place that I love so much and has taught me the majority of what I know. What can you do until that day comes? Hopefully the powers that be and the government open that door and let me make that way back there soon. I need to burn the Garden down. How I'm not gon be able to rock the Staples Center after 10 years?"

Sure, putting in face time in America's big markets is critical for any artist, but Shyne has a larger purpose for wanting to return home. Not only does he think he can move some units, he thinks he can make a difference.  

"Wish me the best for hip-hop, for them kids that look up to these characters that are lying to them and misleading them so they end up doing life in prison or end up dead 'cause they believe in something that these guys ain't livin' themselves," Shyne explained. "I need to be there, man. Tell them babies don't be like me. Don't spend 10 years of your life in prison. Show them them scars that come with a life of crime. I need to be there. People are dying in Brooklyn, people are dying in Chi-Town. It's a lot going on that I could really do wonders to stop."



Written by <P>By Carl Chery, Staff</P>


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