Stars Recall Memorable Halloween Costumes

Stars Recall Memorable Halloween Costumes

Published November 1, 2010

It's hard to picture your favorite artists trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Sure, some may play dress-up for costumed events, and others may have become costumes themselves. But, for most stars, the days of candies and Jack-o’-lanterns are behind them, but never too far in mind.

DJ Khaled isn't exactly the dancing type, but the animated DJ did channel his inner MJ and moonwalked onto doorsteps, asking for candy as a kid. “I never really wore costumes on Halloween, but I did wear one when I was real young, it was a Michael Jackson outfit with the zippers and stuff like that,” Khaled told “R.I. P to Michael Jackson. I was doing the dancing, the moonwalking, the glove. Michael was everybody’s idol.”

Meanwhile, back in St. Louis, Nelly and his friends had to make do with limited resources. “Growing up we couldn’t afford the costumes,” Nelly shared. “I had everything from a bat and a glove, no uniforms or nothing, saying I was a baseball player, to cutting holes in sheets and just, you know… a ghost.”

Ashanti may very well be one of many dressed up celebs come Sunday night. The former Murder Inc. singer recalls one of her recent failed outfits. “I tried to make it happen, but it didn’t work,” she recalled. “I had this lingerie lace one piece with a little tongue and some booties, it didn’t go down, though.”

For Yung Joc, Halloween’s all about his kids. While he doesn’t feel comfortable letting them trick or treat, he makes sure they still get to enjoy the holiday. "I enjoy the parties and the festivities, but I’m a little leery and weary about having my kids going to people’s houses and getting candies from strangers,” Joc explained. “So you know, we do stuff like take them to the mall, let them do what they do and that’s about it.”

Written by Carl Chery, Staff


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