Bill Maher Disses Kanye West

Bill Maher Disses Kanye West

Published November 17, 2010

"Real Time With Bill Maher" host, Bill Maher doesn't bite his tongue when it comes to bashing politicians.

Apparently, musicians aren't exempt from Maher's jabs either. In light of Kanye's recent apology to George Bush, the talk show host poked fun at Yeezy in his popular segment, "New Rules."

"Now that Kanye West and George Bush have made up, they must join forces to form a support group for idiots with huge egos," Maher said.  "Each meeting can begin the same way, with Kanye interrupting the speaker."

Maher's snaps sparked a sea of laughs, but not without a few heckles.

"Oh, f**k you if you're so sensitive about Kanye West," Maher quickly responded. "Move on to the next one. Let's not upset their sensitivity about Kanye West, who is a douche bag."

Written by Carl Chery, Staff


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