Wiz Khalifa Says Growing Fame Led to Drug Arrest

Wiz Khalifa Says Growing Fame Led to Drug Arrest

Published November 18, 2010

Wiz Khalifa has finally revealed details behind his arrest for marijuana possession last week.

Wiz was arrested on drug charges in Greenville, North Carolina following a performance at East Carolina University this past Tuesday (November 9). The arrest came hours after the rapper tweeted, "smokes out in greenville nc tonite. fall thru wit ur finest plant life."

Speaking with MTV News' Sway, Wiz agrees that his rising popularity may have led to his arrest.

"Yea, I’m new, so for some people they wanna like, try to scare you or make an example out of you before you get too far into what you’re doing," he told Sway. "That just has to do with that. When I started what I was doing, I was ready for it. Just being from where I'm from, I was already a target on a small scale, so as I build up and become more nationally known, that scale just gets larger."

Though Wiz prefers to keep mum until his case is resolved, he relived the moments that led up to his arrest.

“Really, I just went off stage; I got off the bus and I performed and they said they smelled some stuff and before I could get back onto the bus, there were police on the bus with dogs and stuff," he recalled. "But it was a whole bunch of just nonsense. I can’t really speak on it too much, but that was what happened. I wasn’t even there when it was getting checked, or searched. We were all cooperative and everything and then they just did what they did and I’m here now."

Wiz's fame may be rising, but he didn't have to worry about overzealous fans during his time in lock up.

“It was real early in the morning so everybody was sleep, so we got booked and then I just really stayed in the bed and just waited to get bailed out," he explained. "And then when that happened, we just went through it. It was a lot of people with us, so I had to make sure I got everybody that was with me out as well. I’m responsible for everybody on the road when they’re with me.  We took care of that and now we’re just gonna chill out 'til the case is over and then we’ll be straight."

Wiz Khalifa's "Black & Yellow" is presently a regular on the "106 & Park" countdown. Make sure to tune in to the show weeknights at 6 p.m. to get a glimpse of Wiz.

Written by Carl Chery, BET.com Staff


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