T.I. Says "Prison Is For Losers"

T.I. Says "Prison Is For Losers"

Published November 24, 2010

After serving 10 months for federal gun possession—and being released late last year—T.I. vowed never to go back to prison.

Months before he was sent back to prison for a probation violation, Tip taped "Food For Thought: Conversations With T.I.," an original BET show featuring individual interviews with T.I. by Angie Martinez, Stephen A. Smith and Harry Allen. Speaking with Smith, Tip shared that he needed to do a better job of staying out of trouble.

"To be candid with you, I learned, man, prison ain’t for gangsters, prison is for losers," he told Smith. "Gangsters find ways to avoid prison. Gangsters find ways to exit the game and legitimize their businesses and learn how to turn their strengths into enterprises."

"If you look around in a prison, at least myself, I saw thieves, I saw burglars, I saw crackheads, I saw, you know, the same people that I would walk around on the street, and you would never associate with these people out of respect for yourself," he continued. "Ok, so if you’re on the street and you’re looking at these people and you are above their standards, how do you and them end up in the same place, one bed next to each other? I got to be better than that."

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Written by Carl Chery, BET.com Staff


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