Wiz Khalifa Speaks on the Chart Success of "Black and Yellow"

Wiz Khalifa Speaks on the Chart Success of "Black and Yellow"

Published December 10, 2010

A quick glance at Billboard's Hot 100 chart doesn't reveal anything peculiar. Katy Perry's "Fireworks" presently holds the top spot with familiar names like Nelly, Pink, Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas and red-hot rookie Bruno Mars trailing close behind.

And then there was Wiz Khalifa. The Pittsburgh mixtape wunderkind, fresh off his sold-out "Waken Baken" tour, now has an official smash hit on his hands with "Black and Yellow."

Since its release this past September, the single has organically spread onto an ever-increasing number of playlists, becoming an anthem for the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers, and more recently, cracking the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Produced by Norwegian production duo Stargate, the song currently sits at no. 14 on the Billboard pop chart.

"I’m definitely excited about ‘Black and Yellow’ reaching 14 on the charts," Wiz told BET.com. "Just even that is just great. When I put it out, I was thinking it’s gonna be more of like a set-up record, but now that it’s going up, hopefully it reaches its full potential. Wherever that is, or wherever that lands it, we’ll see it there."

Expect more Wiz/Stargate collaborations in the near future. He recently tweeted, "studio always goes awsome in ny. plus im workin wit stargate so that makes it better."

"The response to 'Black and Yellow' made me wanna work with Stargate more, or just experience more with getting in the studio with different producers and trying to come up with something from scratch how we did," he explained. "Usually I work with my guys at home, so working with Stargate and actually having a hit with them, of course I’m gonna definitely stick with them as far as making singles goes.”

Wiz's as-yet-untitled debut is scheduled to hit stores in March 2011.

Written by Carl Chery, BET.com Staff


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