Bruno Mars: People Thought "Grenade" Was About Ugly Girls

Bruno Mars: People Thought "Grenade" Was About Ugly Girls

Published December 13, 2010

As the year comes to a close, Bruno Mars is showing no signs of slowing down. The singer currently has two Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hits: "Grenade" at no. 5 and "Just the Way You Are" at no. 7.

The seven-time Grammy nominee broke down the actual concept of the song behind the former during a recent visit to "106 & Park." [Watch Here]

"I got a lot of love songs, but this is talking about the other side of love, the heartbreak," Mars told Rocsi and Terrence. "This is like my blues record. It's an extreme way of saying, you know, I'll do anything for you."

Coincidentally, the song is titled after one of the year's most widespread expressions. In “Jersey Shore" cast members' vernacular, a grenade refers to an unattractive woman. Bruno says the slang initially led to misinterpretations of his song.

"I got [the misinterpretation] in the beginning," Bruno told "When I first said, 'I wrote this song called 'Grenade,' and I got a couple chuckles and stuff, I didn't know what was going on. It was explained that the 'Jersey Shore' kinda really blew that term up."

He continued, "I think the song is so obviously not talking about that, that it's ok; but it was definitely a factor. It shows you how big that word is right now."


Written by Carl Chery, Staff


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