Ray J Says His Reality TV Show Made His Music More Appealing

Ray J Says His Reality TV Show Made His Music More Appealing

Published December 15, 2010

Reality TV shows are usually considered the end of the road for most celebrity's careers.

Not in Ray J’s case. Since premiering his VH1 reality TV show, “For the Love of Ray J,” in 2009, his stock has only gone up. The show broke VH1 ratings records — exposing the R&B singer to a wider audience in the process.

Now, after releasing two independent albums, 2005’s "Raydiation" via Knockout/Sanctuary and 2008’s “All I Feel” on Knockout/E1, Brandy's younger brother is rejoining the big leagues with a new joint venture with Steve Rifkind’s SRC Records. His latest single "Last Wish" was released earlier this month. To let Ray tell it, the success of his reality show made him more appealing to labels.

"I think reality TV and I think the shows that I’ve been a part of have definitely just enhanced everything for me as far as more opportunities," Ray J told BET.com. "I think as far as the label watching the show, and understanding that that could be a perfect platform to promote the album and also get our point across, I think it’s definitely attractive."

Written by Carl Chery, BET.com Staff


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