Waka Flocka: "I'm a Rapper, I'm Not a Gang Banger"

Waka Flocka: "I'm a Rapper, I'm Not a Gang Banger"

Published December 20, 2010

Waka Flocka's a business, man.

During a recent interview on Connecticut's Hot 93.7 FM radio station, Waka responded to reports that authorities recently raided his Atlanta home on suspicion that he has gang ties.

"Look here, I'm a rapper right," Waka stated. "Why would I rap and go try to street gang bang? That's hustling backwards. Why would I rap all throughout the world then hit the streets to gang bang.

"I'm a rapper, I'm not a gangbanger," he added. "How can you gang bang and be a rapper? I don't understand. I would love to find out where their information is coming from."

Waka also denied that one of his friends tipped off the cops leading up to the raid.

"That ain't true," he said. "Hey, it's the internet."

As previously reported, cops raided Waka's Atlanta home and cuffed Gucci. The little brother of producer Lex Luger was arrested and Gucci was later released.

Written by Carl Chery, BET.com


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