Hungry for H.A.M.

Published January 10, 2011

"H.A.M.," the debut track from Watch The Throne, Kanye West and Jay-Z’s new collaboration, is arguably the most anticipated piece of music of 2011. After West announced that the album would be released in early January at a New Year’s Eve party, fans have been salivating in early anticipation.

In keeping with all things ‘Ye, an official release date for the album has not been announced. However, on Friday West confirmed via twitter the first track's Jan. 11 drop date by posting the official art.

Even producer Lex Luger doesn’t seem to be in the know. Luger told MTV, "I don't know exactly when they recorded the record" or "the direction they had on the track." Luger’s made some of his beat contributions via email. When asked to describe the sound, Luger used the words “aggressive and hard,” two words that can also be used to describe the track “Monster,” arguably one the best songs on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy that also features Jay-Z.

How well received the album will be is another question, but if West's last album is any sign, it'll probably be big. Kanye released his most ambitious studio album less than three months ago, and you had to go out of your way to find a Best of 2010 list that didn’t include My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Jay-Z is among a bevy of artists featured on the record, which has steadily remained in the Billboard Top Ten since its release.

Originally, Watch The Throne was set to be a 5-track EP, but the prolific artists ramped the number up to ten after meeting in the South of France where the creative juices started flowing. This will be the pair’s first full-length studio collaboration.


Written by Lauretta Charlton


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