Gucci Mane Adds Ice Cream Tattoo to His Face!

Gucci Mane Adds Ice Cream Tattoo to His Face!

Published January 13, 2011

We all know he's "Icy," but perhaps rapper Gucci Mane took things a bit too far when he marked his face with a gigantic ice cream cone tattoo. Gucci (who was recently sentenced to a mental health facility for evaluation and later released), headed to Tenth Street Tattoo in Georgia on Jan 12 to get the ink.

Tattoo artist Shane Willoughby added three scoops of colorful ice cream on top of a waffle cone to Gucci's right cheek. "Brrr" is written across the cone, just in case the rest of the image falls short in delivering the message. Lightening bolts are added above the top scoop because, well, why not?

A man named Jason Murray, who works at a piercing shop near Tenth Street Tattoo, snapped a pic of Gucci's new art and tweeted it to the rest of the world.

So, what do you think? Is Gucci cool or crazy for getting an ice cream cone painted on his face?


Written by BET-Staff


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