Clap Back: Ray J and Lil Wayne Cross the Line

Clap Back: Ray J and Lil Wayne Cross the Line

Published February 9, 2011

So there’s this photo. Ray J and Lil Wayne are at a party. Ray J has a bottle of … something. Some liquor that seems like it’s still got the bartender’s pour spout in it. He has it turned upside down and is pouring it on a brown girl’s ass. She’s in the middle, bent over, bottom facing the camera. Beside her is Lil Wayne, who has a microphone and a lit cigar in his left hand. His right hand is spread and aiming for the bent-over girl’s behind. In subsequent shots, you see that there are actually different asses. It seems that girls were lined up to get liquor poured on their posteriors. And for Wayne to dry-hump them.

Lots of thoughts gather. A reminder to breathe. Pure wonder at how cornball Ray J keeps getting away with anything but singing. And Lil Wayne, tatted up within an inch of his life, looking like the damn circus, locks braided. This is their idea of a good time.

OK, fine. So…hip-hop porn continues. Is it even fair to associate this behavior with hip-hop? Fair to hip-hop, that is. Yeah. This is merely what is shown in videos. Same dumb ish you see when you see grown-ass rappers like Diddy or Jermaine Dupri at parties drinking champagne or whatever from the bottle. Taking it to the head. And, because boys will be boys and people are free, all that can be said: It’s not a good look.

For whom? Well. You expect it from the boys. Some are going to be dumb. On camera. And they are going to let their dicks and egos rule. And as for the girls, hey: you want to be a fantasy, be a fantasy. You want to lift your skirt up in a room full of men and get liquor poured down the crack of your behind by one cornball, while the other, albeit more popular cornball smacks it? Fine. But ma, you’re never the girl they want. Ever. Not for long. And maybe you’re just sexual. And hey, hip-hop has long passed the point where we’re trying project any sort of moral image. Should rappers stop having fun just because everyone has a camera?

The saddest thing is that it isn’t even artful. It reeks of desperation and excessiveness. I’m not convinced this ish has anything at all to do with sexual freedom. It's merely a way to get attention. 'Cause it's not likely these women are getting paid for this. And these performers certainly won't remember them. It's likely they will only laugh and maybe tell the story later. That ass might not make the cut.

As one blogger wrote: “We got to do better” (with a little worried yellow face shaking it’s head). Another funny moment: dude on the side in one picture dressed like an '80s hip-hop guy, complete with dookey rope chain and a high top fade. Ha.

Not much to say but this: Men, remember you have mothers. Sisters. Nieces and daughters. Remember that what comes around goes around, and that is a metaphysical threat. It’s hard not to bring race into it, but Colored Girls of America: remember that early in your ancestor’s history here, your body was not your own. It was not respected, merely lusted after. You were not free then. Are you still enslaved? Do you hate yourself that much? Do you not like yourself, boo?

What will the boys do when women demand better? Particularly brown girls in hip-hop? What will they think when you demand better than standing in line to pull your skirt up and bend over in public places, only to be desecrated? What will they do then? The men can change their image. Suit up. Ties and ish. What will they do when you change yours?

Image: Pat Long /

Written by Michelle Black


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