Wiz Khalifa: "I Never Had a Job"

Wiz Khalifa: "I Never Had a Job"

Published February 27, 2011

Backstage at Rip The Runway, Wiz Khalifa is ready to bring his rhythm to BET's biggest night for urban fashion. About to perform his breakthrough single "Black and Yellow," which has gone triple platinum, Wiz took time out to chat with BET.com about his upcoming album, Rolling Papers, set for a March 29 release.

Earlier that day, the rapper had twitpic'd a photo of his debut album cover. "The guys over at Atlantic, you know, they went crazy," the Pittsburgh MC said. "They know me, they know my style. They know what my fans wanna see and they know that next level of creativity as well. So you know I wanted it to be...not all just my face right there in front and I wanted certain little elements." The album cover features the outline of Khalifa's face artistically clouded in smoke.

Riding high off the success of his single, Wiz is ready to unleash his full-length album to the masses. "I got a huge fan base who is ready to hear this album from me. I got a lot of fans who just really wanna see what I’m gonna do musically and and I’ve been working a long time and building up to this point," he says.

And while he's been working on his rap career for quite some time, Wiz has never known anything else. "I never had a job," says the 23-year-old rapper. "I’ve been making money off rap since I was like 16-years-old. I never had a job, and my parents weren’t rich or nothin’ like that.” Still, Wiz says his parents are happy to see him enjoying the fruits of his labor. "Early, you want your kid to do something that’s guaranteed or promising. But you know they just went with what I told them. They love it."

Written by Kim Osorio


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