Lupe Fiasco Didnt Vote For President Obama | Music News

Lupe Fiasco Didnt Vote For President Obama | Music News

Published March 1, 2011

Lupe Fiasco didn't vote for President Obama. In fact, he didn't vote for any President. The video clip of Lupe being interviewed by Tim Westwood talking about President Obama and United States foreign policy is making its way across the internet with an interesting message.

"I haven't voted for anybody, for that matter," the rapper answered when asked if he voted for President Obama. "The American federal government, the American system, America's foreign policy is something I can't [support]. When you vote for that person, you vote for that." 

Lupe continued, taking his position a step further. "If you look at it, like, the taxes pay for everything. The taxes that I pay, I'm paying for bombs. Lupe's paying for American bombs. I don't want to represent that. I don't want to have that blood on my hands."

Although Lupe is moreso expressing his disgust with American politics than he is with the Pres, he does talk specifically about Obama. "One of the first things Barack Obama said as President-elect was that we gotta get out of Iraq, and instead of saying we've got to get out of Iraq, we've got to get Afghanistan, and come with a more cordial non-military way to end these kind of problems. [He said] we need to go out of Iraq and get to the real war in Afghanistan and I was just like, 'here we go, same ol' ol.'"

So is it counterproductive to the cause for an opinionated rapper like Lupe (who happens to also be from Chicago) to make these statements about the country's first Black President? Probably not. But for Lupe, it's just a critique. "I have no problem critiquing my fellow brother or anybody. I'll critique Bush. I'll critique Clinton.... I'll critique anybody that's in a position of power that in some instances is not looking out for the better of the people," he said in the Tim Westwood interview.

For his upcoming album "Lasers" (scheduled to be released on March 8), there is a song called "All Black Everything," where he talks about reparations, creating a story behind the idea of slaves getting paid. As one of few rappers who actually has something to say, Lupe is no stranger to tackling these type of political issues. Now, all he has to do is start voting for them.

Written by Kim Osorio


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