Another Suge Knight Fight Caught on Tape

Another Suge Knight Fight Caught on Tape

Footage of the former Death Row CEO brawling in a casino hits the Web.

Published March 17, 2011

Suge Knight is no stranger to drama. The infamous music executive has been involved in fights, shootouts and other physical altercations since his days as the head of the West Coast label Death Row. But now technology is catching up with him again. Suge Knight was involved in a fist fight in the lobby of a Las Vegas hotel on March 16, and it’s all over the internet.

TMZ put Suge on full blast when it posted amateur footage of him involved a 10 to 15 second fight with an unknown man. The video shows Knight swinging wildly at the man and chasing him around the lobby until hotel security breaks it up. Knight then walks away with a drink in hand and a female.

In recent years, Knight, who has been to prison more than once, has been involved in fights that haven’t ended so well for him. In 2008, he got into a fight outside of a Hollywood night club and was knocked unconscious for three minutes. Later that year, he was shot in the leg at a Kanye West party. Then, in 2009, he had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance after being beaten at a private party in Arizona.

This recent video isn’t the first time Suge was caught fighting at a Vegas casino. Back in 1996, the infamous gang beating of Orlando Anderson by Suge, Tupac Shakur and other members of their crew was caught on tape as well, and has become evidence in the murder case of Shakur later that night.



(Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Written by Kim Osorio


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