Drake Clears Up RIP Nate Dogg Tweet

Drake Clears Up RIP Nate Dogg Tweet

The Young Money MC says his tweet about the late hip hop singer was a reference to one of his songs.

Published March 18, 2011

Drake was among several hip hop celebrities who took to Twitter to express his condolences when the news of Nate Dogg's passing hit the internet. "It's easy to love me now. RIP Nate Dogg," tweeted the Young Money MC.

For the average Nate Dogg fan, the tweet was very clear. The words preceding the R.I.P. actually represent a chorus that Nate Dogg sang on the 50 Cent hit "21 Questions." Still, there were those who believed Drake's tweet was self-serving.

"I actually tweeted about it as soon as I heard. One of my favorite lyrics of his was on '21 Questions,'" Drake later explained in an interview. "It's very sad to hear that we lost him. He contributed some phenomenal music to the world, and I think it's just important to remember what he has done."

Written by Kim Osorio


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