Lil B Out-Kanyes Kanye at SXSW

Lil B Out-Kanyes Kanye at SXSW

Somewhere Taylor Swift was smiling as the rapper got his during an awards show.

Published March 18, 2011

Kanye West has given his fair share of acceptance speeches at awards shows...some of them even warranted. But when the outspoken rapper didn't show up to accept his award for the Left Field Woodie at the MTVU Woodie Awards on Wednesday at South by Southwest, it was he who got upstaged.
Lil B, the prolific young rapper out of California who was also up for the award, rushed a bewildered Pete Wentz, who was presenting, and claimed the award for himself. A large member of his entourage grabbed the mic.
"No offense, but Lil B is the best Left Field Woodie artist of all time!!" he said, echoing 'Ye's own infamous diatribe at the VMAs in 2009.
The crowd in the audience was uproarious, and though security turned up to liberate Wentz and get the show back on track, the poetic justice of it all seemed to let B off the hook. 
Addressing the matter later in the show, host Donald Glover summed things up and put the ball back in Kanye's court when he proclaimed, "Lil B out Kanye'd Kanye! 'Ye: Step ya game up!"

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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