Ne-Yo Heads to Japan to "Spread Love Through Music"

Ne-Yo Heads to Japan to "Spread Love Through Music"

The R&B singer held a live show and performed charity work over the weekend.

Published March 21, 2011

Ne-Yo doesn't just tweet in support of those stricken by the recent catastrophies in Japan, the gentleman flies out east and shows his love in person. On Saturday, the R&B singer performed in Nagoya, Japan and did charity work in the areas destroyed by last week's earthquake and tsunami.

"The power of music breaks down barriers, be it language barrier, be it race barrier, whatever the case may be," he says in a video clip of his trip. "I don't think people understand how powerful music actually is. You can spread all kinds of messages through music. You can spread hatred through music, you can spread prejudice through music, but you can also and absolutely spread love through music and I think that's what's absolutely called for in this time of crisis. So that being said, spread love through music."

Written by Dorkys Ramos


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