Ghostface Looks for Interns on Twitter

Ghostface Looks for Interns on Twitter

Ghostface looks for interns on Twitter

Published March 22, 2011

If there were an award for Most Hilarious Celebrity Twitter Poster, Ghostface Killah would be a major contender, if not the obvious choice, for the win.

Who could forget the former Wu Tang Clan member's useful advice to lovers on Valentine's Day?

"Y'all go down to the motherf--kin hotel, they got a bunch of activities y'all can do. Go on boat rides and sh*t, you do all that s--t," the Shaolin master urged.

Ghost's recent post calling for "intern" applications is no less hilarious. He seems to balance being matter-of-fact and playful at the same time.

"I need INTERNS..."

Whether intentionally funny or no, these posts manage to grab attention and make people laugh. What do you think? Do Ghostface Killah's Twitter posts make you laugh, or is the joke on him?

Written by Lauretta Charlton


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