Soulja Boy's Other Brother Threatens To Commit Suicide

Soulja Boy's Other Brother Threatens To Commit Suicide

In a post on his Facebook page, Tracy Jenkins says he wants to "make all this pain go away."

Published March 27, 2011

Last week, Soulja Boy lost his 14-year old brother. Now, still coping with the loss, SB has another brother he's got to worry about. Tracy Jenkins posted a disturbing message to his Facebook page yesterday, showing how much he is struggling with the sudden death of their younger brother. 

"I wonder if I get this 45 pistol in blow my brains out will it make all this pain go away! Yes it will so why not #igiveup," he wrote, before friends started to leave comments trying to console him.

Soulja Boy is the half-brother of both Tracy and Deion Jenkins (who lost his life in a car accident on March 20). When the news initially broke, Soulja Boy tweeted how devastated he was. "At home crying my eyes out I can't believe my Lil bro is gone... today is so not my day.. RIP lil brother love you always :(," he wrote. Since then, fans and other celebs have been sending him condolences via Twitter. After three days of digital silence, SB  tweeted "love" to his followers in a show of appreciation of their support. sends condolences out to Soulja Boy and his family.

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Written by Kim Osorio


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