Lupe Fiasco and B.o.B Ask “Who Are You Now”

Lupe Fiasco and B.o.B Ask “Who Are You Now”

Unfinished Lupe Fiasco and B.o.B collaboration hits the Web.

An uncompleted collaboration between hot emcees Lupe Fiasco and B.o.B surfaced on the Internet. Called “Who Are You Now,” the uptempo song takes issue with chicks who switch their styles like underwear, in hopes of being popular with the masses.

The song was reportedly slated to appear on Lupe’s Lasers with additional input from Cee Lo Green and Janelle Monáe, but it didn’t make the final tracklisting. Listen to it here.


(Photo:  Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

Written by Kenrya Rankin


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