Tom Joyner Says Foxy Was Not Thrown Off Cruise

Tom Joyner Says Foxy Was Not Thrown Off Cruise

The radio disc jockey says the rapper did not get kicked off the boat.

In the ongoing saga of whether or not Foxy Brown was booted off of Tom Joyner's Fantastic Voyage cruise, there seems to be some more clarification. Wednesday morning, March 30, the radio disc jockey told his listeners that Fox Boogie was not thrown off, despite previous reports to the contrary.

"That is incorrect. She got off when she was scheduled to get off," he said on his morning radio show. Initially, there were rumors that Foxy was removed from the ship after getting into it with spa workers. But the Ill Na Na later released a statement through her rep Susan Anderson that said the rumors were not true.

"We don't understand why Foxy Brown has become Tom Joyner's whipping girl," it stated. "Foxy was not kicked off the boat. She was never scheduled to remain on the cruise past March 23rd."

The statement also went on to address Foxy's hearing loss. "Foxy Brown is a young lady who has lost her hearing and is still learning to cope with her disability. While losing a sense is debilitating, her loss is all the more devastating for her because she's a musical artist."

(Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty Images)

Written by Kim Osorio


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