Crooked I Touts Next EP As "New West Coast"

Crooked I Touts Next EP As "New West Coast"

Published April 5, 2011

If New York was soft after Snoop Dogg came through and crushed the buildings, then the West Coast has also definitely gone through its share of slumps. But Long Beach rapper Crooked I, one-fourth of the Slaughterhouse rap collective, has been repping the West for a minute now.

With the recent release of his Million $ Story EP, Crooked I tells that he's ready to help reinvent the left. "The consumer, they really love the West Coast of yesterday and I ain’t mad at that, but it’s a new day on the West. It’s not all about the '64 Impalas with hydraulics and the khaki suits and Chuck Taylors. There’s a brand-new energy, there’s a brand-new swagger.”

With Slaughterhouse's recent signing to Eminem's Shady Records, Crooked is ready to unleash his solo work and be a part of the West Coast's next movement. "The Million $ Story album is West Coast 2011. We all going in a new direction. Pac Div, Odd Future, Lil B, all the way down to Nipsey [Hustle] and Glasses [Malone].”

(Photo: Crooked I

Written by Kim Osorio, with additional reporting by Jose Torres


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