Trey Songz Says Mother Privy To His Sex Life

Trey Songz Says Mother Privy To His Sex Life

Does his mom know why the neighbors know singer's name? Unfortunately, yes.

Published April 6, 2011

When you're an artist known for singing about sex like Trey Songz, it's hard to imagine what your mother is thinking when she's listening to your music. But for the platinum-selling R&B crooner, it's just something he's had to accept.

"My mother and grandmother are privy to information they probably don’t wanna know about me! But they understand," the singer told Voice-Online, a UK-based website who interviewed him after his concert in the London last night. "They know how to separate the guy that they raised from the guy on the songs."

Trey says that two of his ladies, mom and grandmom, were present in the studio when he recorded "Neighbors Know My Name" and "Panty Dropper," two songs that deal specifically with sex.

The 26-year old singer has a "great mother," but admits that she knows a little too much about his sex life. Trey Songz is often seen with his mother at his side. She was heavily featured on his BET docu-drama, My Moment: Trey Songz.


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Written by Kim Osorio


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