Freestyle Friday Finalists Ready for War

Freestyle Friday Finalists Ready for War

Contestants Blind Fury and Moon talk about their battle on "106 & Park."

Published April 8, 2011

As the two Freestyle Friday finalists, Blind Fury and Moon, wait behind the scenes on the set of 106 & Park in separate rooms, the anticipation is high. It could be the defining moment in each of their rap careers. Both up-and-coming artists have been battling contenders week after week to get to this point, and now one of them will go home as the champion.

Moon says he's bringing the title back with him. "I'm focused, and I'm ready to battle," says the 19-year old. "I'm gonna bite his head off—all the way off."

Moon has got his work cut out for him, though. He's going up against Blind Fury, the blind MC from South Carolina who is the favorite for the battle. "Blind Fury is going to have an advantage because he's blind," Moon says. But while some might feel as though addressing Blind Fury's handicap is off limits, Moon says it's all or nothing when it comes to a rap battle. "Yes, I'm going in."

"When I first came up here to battle, I was just going hard. I didn't care about winning or losing," Moon says. But the Plainfield, N.J., native has built up enough confidence to change his mindset. These days, he knows what he has to do. "It's real important. I will be the first person in my 'hood to do something positive," he said.

In another room not far from Moon, Blind Fury comfortably sits in a chair patiently waiting for the time to come. "You know what, I don't even know what I have in store. You're just gonna have to watch it," he says calmly, while wearing a shirt with the word "YAGA" on it.

For Fury though, there is no doubt in his mind that he will be the victor. When he finds out that Moon believes otherwise, he matter-of-factly states, "That's the right way to be thinking. Im sure he'll wake up from that dream really soon. Somebody will get him a cup of coffee and he'll be fine." Then, in true rap fashion, he adds, "If Moon ever dreamed about beating me, he better wake up, call me and apologize."

Tune in to 106 & Park at 6pm today to see the two combatants go at it on Freestyle Friday.

Written by Kim Osorio


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