Jay-Z’s Illegal Visit Costs Nets $50K

Jay-Z’s Illegal Visit Costs Nets $50K

NBA fines New Jersey franchise for rapper’s appearance in college locker room.

Published April 8, 2011

Jay-Z once rapped, “money ain’t a thing,” so he likely won’t lose much sleep over the $50,000 fine the NBA levied against his New Jersey Nets on Friday (April 8).

The league slapped the monetary penalty on the franchise because minority owner Jay-Z made a visit to the Kentucky Wildcats locker room following an NCAA tournament game at Nets’ home arena, Prudential Center.

As part owner of the Nets, Jay violated a league rule that prohibits team personnel from having contact with collegiate athletes who are not yet draft eligible. Soon after video footage of the visit became public, the NBA launched an investigation into the situation.

According to ESPN.com, the Nets were expecting the fine given that the Boston Celtics were hit with a similar penalty in 2007 after team president Danny Ainge was seen sitting with the mother of then college basketball star Kevin Durant during a Big 12 game. Boston was fined $30,000 for "excessive contact with the family."

This minor infraction is mostly a result of Jay-Z’s A-list celebrity status as a hip hop idol clashing with his responsibilities as an NBA owner.

Written by Rondell Conway


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