Jessie J Upset By Drunken Students at Ireland's Trinity Ball

Jessie J Upset By Drunken Students at Ireland's Trinity Ball

The singer calls it "one of the hardest gigs to date."

Published April 10, 2011

British pop singer Jessie J's recent performance at the Trinity Ball left a sour taste in her mouth after seeing how much alcohol her audience was having that night, Independent Woman reports. The up-and-comer was jetted in for Friday night's event at Ireland's Trinity College, which hosted about 7,000 glammed up guests, but she later said how difficult it was to focus on her perfomance after noticing how drunk some students were.

"Just came off stage at trinity ball. Probably one of the hardest gigs to date. To see so many people so drunk they couldnt even stand. Girls unconcious and them literally trampling on eachother," she said via Twitter.

She later posted, "Im not upset they werent all listening it upset me to see so many young people so not with it. Not used to it. Its hard to sing when i just wanted to go in the crowd and help all the crying girls being squashed...."

After receiving a slew of comments about her rant (with one artist saying, "Welcome to Ireland."), Jessie J wrote, "Can i just clear up that last night was a UNIVERSITY BALL and it was students. I was just shocked at how intoxicated they were and i was genuinely worried for them. im not used to it thats all. And its not just in Ireland its everywhere. As a non drinker. I just wanna spread the msg that binge drinking is dangerous."

Jessie J, whose real name is Jessica Ellen Cornish, has been on a steady rise to fame since penning tracks for Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" and topping BBC's "Sound of 2011" list. After two chart-topping singles, her debut album Who You Are, which was released in Europe in February, charted at number two in the UK. It will hit stores in the US this Tuesday.


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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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