DJ Khaled Says Rick Ross' Upcoming Album Is "Special"

DJ Khaled Says Rick Ross' Upcoming Album Is "Special"

The Miami-based DJ promises his "brother" has a "big record" coming.

Published April 13, 2011

DJ Khaled says Rick Ross has something "soooo special." In an interview with, the "we the best" DJ talked about Rick Ross' upcoming Def Jam release, God Forgives I Don't

"It's a big record," Khaled says, hesitant to announce who Ross is collaborating with. "The record is completed. The last verse is my brother," Khaled says as he points to Rick Ross. According to Khaled, Ross will lay down his vocals to a record featuring some really big names this week.

In addition to working on God Forgives, with Ross, Khaled is also prepping the release of his next album, titled We the Best Forever, which is due out on June 28. 

Khaled continued, "Everyone knows that when we make music, we hit home runs. Relationships like me and Ross, it’s always been real. So real recognizes real." 



(Photo: Ben Rose/PictureGroup)

Written by Kim Osorio


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