Jennifer Lopez Named "People's" Most Beautiful Woman

Jennifer Lopez Named "People's" Most Beautiful Woman

The singer/actress feels "not worthy" but "lucky to be an attractive person."

Published April 17, 2011

Jennifer Lopez has really thrown herself back into the spotlight with her new album, Love, dropping next month, a successful new gig as American Idol judge and now the title of People magazine's "Most Beautiful Woman" of 2011. The 41-year-old singer/actress has appeared on the list 10 times before and appears in this year's issue alongside other Beautiful veterans such as Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner and Beyoncé Knowles as well as newcomer Cheryl Burke, a pro-dancer from Dancing With the Stars.

But there's also eye candy for the ladies as the list of the 95 hottest stars includes George Clooney, Patrick Dempsey, Hugh Jackman and this year's Sexiest Man Alive, Ryan Reynolds.

In the issue, Lopez reveals that she was left speechless but honored about the title. "I feel not worthy, you know? I feel happy and proud. Proud that I'm not 25!" she says. "I feel better, I feel smarter. In my 20s, I just wasn't there in my mind and my soul and my spirit. It's just great to be in the position I'm in now and be able to share that with the world."

One would be so lucky to age as gracefully and Lopez attributes her good looks to the love she has in her life, including hubby Marc Anthony and 3-year-old twins Max and Emma. "I feel lucky to be an attractive person, but I've always felt that real beauty always comes from your heart," she says.

As for aging in an industry that values youth and physical beauty, "I think with people like me and Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry and Julia Roberts, this generation is redefining what it is to be a woman who is not in her 20s anymore but is still very viable, sexy and important," she adds "We have a lot to offer. And people are starting to realize the beauty in that."

Written by Dorkys Ramos


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