Lady Gaga Goes Down Again

Lady Gaga Goes Down Again

The pop superstar falls for the second time during a live performance.

Published April 21, 2011


It might be time for Lady Gaga to invest in a new pair of shoes. Mother Monster slipped and fell during a show again last night. This marks the second time in as many weeks that Gaga has taken a spill in front of a live audience. 

As previously reported, Gaga lost her footing on a flaming piano last week at a show in Houston. This time, at a performance in Atlanta, the “Bad Romance” singer’s heel got caught in a blouse she had just taken off. Much like after her last fall, Gaga walked away from the situation unscathed and virtually unfazed, continuing to perform without so much as skipping a beat. 

The next stop on Gaga’s The Monster Ball tour will be Friday, April 22, in Newark, N.J. 


Written by Brooklyne Gipson


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