Tyga Says Lil Wayne Supports His Decision to Tour With Diddy

Tyga Says Lil Wayne Supports His Decision to Tour With Diddy

The Young Money MC talks about being on the road with Diddy Dirty Money instead of with Weezy.

Published April 21, 2011

While Wayne, Nicki Minaj and other members of the Young Money family go from city to city on the I Am Still Music tour, Tyga is on a 20-city tour with Diddy and his Dirty Money group for the Coming Home tour. But according to Tyga, Wayne encouraged him to do so.

"Wayne told us: Don't rely on him to make you hot, don't rely on him for the hits. You have to really go out and grind for your own and build your own fanbase," Tyga told MTV. "People respect that more, too, when you can build your own foundation and they can really get to you as an artist and not get to know you as a group."

Tyga is also benefitting from being on the road with Diddy, as he also said that the music mogul relies on his opinion of the show. "Every time he comes to me after the show and is like, 'How was that? Was the show dope? Tell me what you think.' I tell him stuff like, 'Maybe you should add that song right there to keep the energy' or whatever. It's a lot of respect out there," said the rapper.

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Written by Kim Osorio


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