Method Man Wants to Abandon the Weed Image

Method Man Wants to Abandon the Weed Image

Rapper says he doesn't want "weed in the forefront."

Published April 22, 2011

For a long time, Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man has been associated with marijuana smoking. In 2001, he teamed up with Redman for the song "How High" and released a movie of the same title. But 10 years later, the rapper is saying he wants to shake that image.

In an interview with The Come Up Show, Meth said being a parent has changed his outlook.

"When you get older and you got kids, and your kids are going to school and you know teachers and...they see how active you are and concerned with your kids' education or well-being, it’s hard for you to sit there and be taken seriously if people are always talking about he’s always high, or he’s always on weed, which is not the case," he said.

Meth, who is prepping the release of The Crystal Meth album, says he's more careful what he puts out there these days. "Everything I do is for [my kids] now, so I have to use a little bit of discretion. I don’t put weed as a forefront anymore.”

Similarly, earlier this month Kid Cudi also said he quit smoking weed, citing his daughter as one of the reasons. "I just felt like I needed to just take a step back, clear my dome and focus on some real important s--t. Like my daughter for one, my family, my business, things that are important," Cudi said.

Rappers turning over a new leaf.

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Written by Kim Osorio


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