Nicole Scherzinger Talks New Album

Nicole Scherzinger Talks New Album

The Pussy Cat Doll teams with 50 Cent for new single and video.

Published April 22, 2011

Nicole Scherzinger’s solo debut has been much delayed, so when it came time to create a buzzworthy single for the project, the pop singer called on lnterscope Records label-mate and friend 50 Cent to help out. The duo concocted the infectious “Right There” with Fif adding a little street flare to the dance friendly track.

MTV caught up with 50 and the former Pussy Cat Doll on the downtown Los Angeles set of her new music video to talk about the collaborative effort and the rest of the long-awaited album.  

Scherzinger recruited A-list producers RedOne, Jim Jonsin, Ne-Yo, The Dream and Tricky Stewart for the project. The pop starlett credits the unique sound, however, to her primary producer RedOne, who’s created hits for Lady Gaga and J.Lo in the past.

“It was amazing,” she says of her working relationship with RedOne. “When we worked together we recorded in the south of France and in Spain and it was really just a beautiful environment. It was just a beautiful vibe. I just had a really big sound, a really strong sound in my head, just this loud dangerous image that I wanted to hear and kind of put live on stage and RedOne is just an amazing musician so he was able to put all of these different sounds together and come up with an amazing hybrid. It’s just, it’s really fun.”

As far as the visuals go, fans can expect a colorful, vivid presentation. “We gone make it pretty,” 50 Cent told MTV UK. “We gone make the blue sky. We gone make it better. We gone make it an actual picture, like 300.” 

Scherzinger’s solo album Killer Love is expected to drop later this year. 

(Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Written by Brooklyne Gipson


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